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About Us



Founded in Miami (Florida) in 1997, QPCOM Inc. is a company leader in networking distribution, conectivity and communication data solutions with 15 years of experience in the american market. QPCOM Inc. has a wide experience in the develop of vanguard solutions according to our clients needs with the permanent incorporation of technologic advances for optimized results.

Actually QPCOM Inc. has a portfolio with 140 products, easy to install with warranty and tecnical support. Our investigation and develop department search for the incorporation of new products with the best quality and price, considering technical advances and client´s needs to any type of solution.

QPCOM Inc. has an value and differentation offert in the market for its distributors and final users based in technological leadership, compliance in delivery times and technical support, joined to a wide distribution in  Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Central America and the Caribbean.

QPCOM Inc. has highly prepared personnel, offering advising and support to our clients about the best solutions for their needs, pos-sale attention, and accreditation programs through its services centers in EEUU and Colombia.   


We commercialize products for digital networks for the telecommunications sector, obtaining the best quality–cost relation both for our suppliers and end users. 



Keep QPCOM for the next 5 years as one of the best distributers of productos for telecommunications, providing excellent customer care and aftersales attention that includes guarantee and technical support.


HONESTY: Human quality that consists of respecting your own space and that of others prioritizing the truth.

RESPONSABILITY: This can be understood as compliance, commitment, compromise, and dedication to assigned activities.

TRANSPARENCY: We pursue values of honesty, loyalty and trust, with our friends, colleagues, suppliers, clients and family. 









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